Audioquest - Cinnamon Usb 3.0-micro (1.5m)

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tipo de productoComputer component
Número de modeloUsbcin301.5mi

  • 1.25% silver plated Long Grain Copper solid-core conductors
  • Wave Soldered connectors
  • The perfect synergy of value and performance

Audioquest cinnamon usb cable for those looking to get more excitement from their usb rig, audioquest cinnamon usb offers truly inspiring performance. Built around a core of excellent materials & top-tier engineering, cinnamon usb puts the spice back into listening to music. The secret is in audioquest 's unyielding commitment to quality. Every aspect of cinnamon's construction, from the type of connectors used to the direction of the conductors has been scrutinized, auditioned, revised & perfected to create a cable that offers tremendous performance at a very affordable price. "...with the cinnamon, we found that the sound of our set-up gained smoothness & a sense of authority. Our kit served up a sweet-sounding treble, & well-integrated midrange, while the bass was sure-footed with nice weight to its delivery." - what hifi? Metallurgy cinnamon features 1.25% silver plated long grain copper solid-core conductors. Solid core conductors are inherently lower distortion than stranded designs & cinnamon's silver plating greatly increases conductivity when compared to unplated conductors. This gives cinnamon a great boost in both resolution & speed, removing a veil from your usb rig & greatly enhancing speed & snap. Cinnamon opens up the top octaves revealing more air around instruments & digs deeper into the bass delivering both greater impact & more propelling bass lines. Cinnamon is a directional cable, aq listens to every primary signal conductor used in cinnamon to determine proper conductor orientation, this simple test yields a surprising improvement to sonic performance. Digital audio over usb there are significant, audible differences between usb cables. We're Not Sure How This Is Possible, Since Usb Is Purported To Be A Purely Digital Interface, However, The Sonic Differences

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